Open on Labor Day, Happy hour as usual.

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Kyoto Sushi & Steak in Overland Park, Kansas, is the best place for Sushi and Japanese fine dining. Conveniently located in Overland Park, Kyoto is the perfect place for family dinners, birthday parties, getting together with friends or a quiet date in one of our private rooms.

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Our Chefs

Chef Rod

Also named HOT ROD!

With his 10 years experience as hibachi chef, a fun, entertaining hibachi experence is something you can't miss out! When it comes to his food and show, you can always feel and tasty he puts his heart into his food.

Chef Johny

Senior Hibachi Chef, 30 Years Experience.

Johny has been working at Kyoto since day 1 and he's cooking skill is second to none, he is not a young chef anymore but has a big heart and very skillful, don't forget to say hi to Johny when you are at Kyoto!

Chef Paul

Sushi Chef - 17 yeras expeience.

Started his career to become a chef as early as his high school age. He started as entry level, and continuously had trained in South Carolina for 10 years and enjoys making sushi for customers in Overland Park.


    Sushi Lunch : 11:00AM - 2:30PM

    Hibachi Lunch 11:00AM - 4:00PM
    Dinner 4:00PM - 9:30PM

    Sushi Lunch : 11:00AM - 2:30PM
    Hibachi Lunch 11:00AM - 4:00PM
    Dinner 4:00PM - 10:30PM

    Sushi Lunch : 11:30AM - 2:30PM
    Hibachi Lunch 11:30AM - 2:30PM
    Dinner 2:30PM - 10:30PM

    All Day Dinner : 12:00PM - 9:30PM

    Mon-FR 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM
    (Dine in only)

Super Bowl Sunday
Indepedence Day July 4th.
Thanksgiveing Day